Use Of Ancient Fruit Like Papaya

Use Of Ancient Fruit Like Papaya

Use Of Ancient Fruit Like Papaya

The old papaya fruit, including vitamins A, C, E, K, Sodium, that  create a number of ingredients found, and health  including calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, potassium and just show Come, there is a natural desire for each woman, To use different elements of antiquity, they also have papaya.

In addition, the famous Christopher Columbus, “Papaya was often used as the secret of health of the ancient American population,  ” angel fruit ” the fruit of the angels asked her to do so.
The researchers also found that after a period of research called the beneficial use of cerebral parenchyma, papaya bone marrow inflammation, cancer and fractures, because an ingredient called papaya in papaya, which breaks proteins Cause the cradle, although after the end of the penis, was also beneficial to the disease of children of men, otherwise the papaya is very strong to the heart.

Use it to protect against diseases. Fat heart failure does not give birth and improves blood flow. According to the research, it is also effective in wound and inflammation that contains an anti-inflammatory substance, which helps diagnose the wound of patients with disorders. Saturn says the use of papaya also helps remove hemorrhoids and inhibitors. It is very important to balance the level of cholesterol and it is very useful for the disease.

People who want to keep the waist slip, use cardboard. If the feet are broken by cutting a new shoe, it will be fun to jump on it. Rich fruit of papaya is useful in intestinal tissues because of its approach, as well as intestinal intake. Cut the facial juice and stains to remove the spots and sprinkle them, remove the juice and place them in the pot and keep them in the refrigerator. Put it on the juice before sleeping juice on the face. It would be helpful for a few days.

Because of antioxidant and also found (oxidizing) ingredients that slow the aging process, but also to help reduce the effect of hy.atba stomach pests – the age of papaya, Papaya recommend boiled to bark trees, while nursing mothers, if you are deficient in milk, In the case of the use of papaya powder cooked kryn.nyz coat, papaya milk, meat valves and fun food and nutrition is also used to increase.

Benefits Of Yoga For Your Healthy Life

Benefits Of Yoga For Your Healthy Life

Increasing participation in the life and social and economic issues not only affects health but also seeks to preserve beauty and beauty. When you talk about beauty, whether you are looking for beauty externally or picking up a curtain of beauty and beauty building secrets, you are looking for attention, which is “take time for yourself”. You can not only spend time on make-up or beauty products but also for some types of yoga practice. Yoga is also not only about the physical health of humans but also affects its beauty and beauty. It includes all the personal desires of a human being tracked, beauty and intelligence.

The way in which the face is said that if the face is cleaned regularly, it becomes beautiful, as well as the specialists related to yoga they say it is our soul and purify the mind. Every year on June 21, World Yoga Day was announced, and then, on June 21, 2015, the First World Day of Yoga was celebrated, which aims at the human body through physical, mental and spiritual practices. I have to combine mental. Ego Sanskrit is a word that means control and uniting the soul.

According to experts, women often do not stop exercising because of their busy busyness. For them, women say it is necessary to work 14 hours a day, they must take some time for themselves as well. Exclusive for at least 40 minutes for yourself and exercises, or yoga exercises or walking in the meantime, in addition, if possible, take some races.

Talk about yoga by promoting and maintaining beauty and beauty.

The pursuit of happiness and happiness

What anyone says “like gold is gold”, whether it can be considered men or women’s sleep worthy of attention. Good and comfortable sleep not only makes people feel happy but also the dark circles around the eyes. Science has shown that sleep is a free and effective treatment. Increases the body’s attractiveness, and for good sleep, we advise to progress for 8 minutes a day. Yoga exercises take place sometime in the day and the best way to get a good sleep is identified.

Grow up

Many women ignore themselves and do not work because of household tasks and participation. Keeping milk regularly is passionate, dynamic and healthy, and this process helps you stay away from growth. Throughout your body, flexibility creates and improves your constant yoga memory.

Weight loss

Experts say that through yoga, the body is not only beautiful and flexible but also balance. According to research conducted by US experts, yoga regulation escapes 50% of obesity.


If a woman is underweight, yoga is also an ideal process for such women, and it is useful in reducing weight not only in weight loss. It is helpful that weaker women do not feel bright in a few days. Is it…

Top Secret For Your Skin Protection

Top Secret For Your Skin Protection

Skin protection is a delicate matter and unlike ordinary thinking, it is not so expensive. If you want, you can make your skin clean, clean and comfortable by normalizing your skin. Early regular safety, keeps the face safe from the effects of aging. What should be your rotation for safety protection and for which you should use Which Asylum Cleansing Agents, let’s know?

Skin cleaning, extremely important

Add skin cleanings, mosaics and tuning to your routine. Often merchants only keep it in nervousness, even after 30 years of age they need the most. This rinin of cleansing, manufacturing, and tuning makes skin quicker and healthy. Sarikka is an excellent antioxidant that cleanses quickly and cleanses the surface and cleanses the surrounding terrain and free radicals on the skin. In the vinegar, we will mix the amount of weight of water and massage it quickly, it will become clean and shiny soon.

Apart from diet

Use vitamin C and vitamin E supplements to strengthen the skin and maintain it. These vitamins make the collagen in a human body, it is a type of protein that helps keep the skin slowly longer.


The sunscreen protects skin from harmful flames. If they are affected by radish, the leaves and the spots appear to be on the skin. If you want your skin to be clean and transparent, the use of the screen is inevitable. If you use the foundation, take the foundation, which includes the SPF.

Fee mask

You can use a mask made from natural ingredients at home. Like, apply yogurt on the face and neck, then wash it with semi-hot water fifteen minutes later. For more efficient and better results, add a little honey to the yogurt.


Elegant and refreshing is very useful for the skin. Whatever you’re busy, definitely make a feast in the month.

Physical hardship

Walking, running or other physical exercises is very useful for health. If you want to walk, slowly take it to 30 minutes. Exercise clears nicely skin, but also blood cells are energy-consumed. Exercise also helps in removing dry materials quickly. Daily exercise reduces mental stress, which improves human health overall.


Drink plenty of water to maintain skin moisture. Pouring water with 8 glasses in 24 hours is also necessary for physical health but also skin. Water removes the toxins from the body.

The importance of moisture

The most important part of skin protection is to provide moisture. Use good and quality musicians. The use of ceramics with moisturizer reduces the volume of galleries, circles and cloves, besides providing moisture.

Create a new skin

To clean the dead skin and bring the new shiny skin to the skin, make the skin clean the day. Create sugar and make sugar, lime juice and honey together and meet the skin. There is nothing better than lime to make a euphemism. Just you have to recognize your skin and according to it, you can get a good idea of home appliances by adding few items with lime. Prepare a mixture of two almond powder and honey in a spoon of lime. Meet all the items well on the face and hands by mixing them, better results will start coming shortly.


The steam on the face shows the face clean and bright. Due to stem, the face vessel opens and the grain, stains, acne and black heads are also cleared.

Use of food

Add fruits and vegetables to your diet. Fresh fruit and vegetable salad helps to clean the toxin and make the skin healthy.

How To Live Life After 40 Years

How To Live Life After 40 Years

The illusion is also a lack of employment. Those who get jobs when they retire, become depressed and depressed. As a result, there are amazing types of fluorescent spread among older people than doing nothing. They are now lost. This concept has put them in the intellectual thinking wing. Such types of ideas make them suffer from psychological disorders. Global research has realized that if older people participate in new experiments, they can be standardized if they are interested in the normal protein of life. If they participate positively in social activities, they can transfer the community to a useful person, who has a good impact on their daily lives. The psychologist, William Sheldon, pulls the map of mental health for the elderly, “writes” our mind is the center of great ideas and ideas of courage. Every day, new dreams bring new dreams, dreams of dreams, dreams of good days. Why do not you know why more than 40 years have passed and the mind of beta has become full of contempt? Fifty years later, we realize that our capabilities are being undermined. This will be a bit disappointing but the old Pakistani food, which drinks every item, becomes a sign of a great person like a tree falling into a tree. If you reach old age and become lost in negative thoughts, the dead may become sad, frustrated and unhappy, this behavior has a responsible society and some are human beings. When Stephen Hawking is about scientists who are just a blocker and eyebrows, but the secrets of astronomy and physics have been leaked this guy meant by anyone if they are suffering bzaaty okay physically book is not a friend, not just a friend, but the extent of the books was not seldom, . The first is a responsible society, the second system is the government, which provided young students in colleges and schools all kinds of physical facilities, but they did not study the age of all ages and do not teach young people that they do not ignore aging. They lost in the feeling that the best time for their lives passed. In this kind of society, older people seem to understand the burden of land. Malls said: “There is a day of death, do not fill the sleep at night.” This condition should not be met. Anchor Leading Actor Dave Anand of India asked … You are 80 years old, do not pose any fear Dave Anand said … people die at the age of 30 years, I chalk 80 years old I am a champion and a good life. In Pakistan, people often looked at isolation. Such a teacher does not have a good deal. Mark wrote a lot about the concept of illiteracy and illusions of the wealthy community. In a series of articles in the interpretation and evaluation of this deadly disease, it was written in 1844, and its source, but many writers have written much about the philosophy of Marcus. The concept of Umayyad Safdar Mir came from the West of the Middle East and from Eastern Sufism and the philosophy of Nouvelle. These nephilatinus (2.5, 270) say that Scandinavian countries were producing the collapse, but Karl Marx presented a completely different concept. “The nature of the human nature that distinguishes it from the other monsters is intuitive and intelligent, creating yourself, protecting yourself, renewing itself, building self-order, but because of the birth of classes in society, when the king and his subjects, The distinction between the owner of the land and the man’s farm has begun. “The creative process continued, and those who worked hard still needed, but their labor production became part of the workers too.


How to Become Happy It is an Art of happy Life

How to Become Happy It is an Art of happy Life

A wise man said that human beings are social creatures and humans cannot survive without each other. Life is also a pleasure to be happy. Praise in total happiness is a difficult task for relationships because collective happiness depends on its equitable distribution. See also that every human is different from other relationships, but it is necessary for everyone to be happy. Also can be praise (definition) and servitude to be happy. Some human relations also say they are peaceful differences, but the color of happiness in human relationships can fill the color of love.

You have a lot of entertainment that makes life meaningful with happiness for some people, to apply to enjoy enjoying to sit in a nice restaurant, a friendly woman or a rude man to find heartaches and anger in small things be a source of distortion in relationships. Many English-speaking people (INTIMACY).

Celebrate small happiness

The happiness of people around the world is delicious, and some are very happy with laughter. But I want to be alone Love in human relationships, charity work An element of forgetting the Hutu Manhood sorrows A way to live a happy life at home is to overlook the small things and great pleasures of small pleasures when converted, there is infinite thinking which makes health effects healthy for health.

At first, the girls were in the village and played different games together, Peng hanging was, hideaway games, etc. Ahmed, She came shepherd on the scene when the first trtjn Punjabi Punjabi and Urdu Poet of the village women How friends gather friends together, used to rid the waves and share happiness with each other Some are accustomed to drawing a sense of joy in their human relationships, and this place is called Tarzan.

Similarly, men gather in the gloomy gloom of their charming heart and celebrate happiness. People are happy and happy in different cities, weddings in the city, villages and human relationships love.

do not waste time

It is important to understand that life is a bridge, and it is not right to count it. It is only time to point out every moment of their practices when close relatives and friends are invited together, so that people are excited to meet each other, then join the happiness of children in life and survive. Creates a new mystery. Now smokers say happiness there?

It is often said that human desires must be fulfilled, but each person’s desire is different from the others. But nature says that when one is happy to see someone else happy, one can be happy all the time. Religion says that some people are happy to have their own writing, and some people are happy to have their own writing. Some people come to work with others and say I keep a happy innovator, that makes me happy. . There are several ways to have fun.

It is important to maintain a successful and strong relationship to stay in the relationship with the human, as it is proposed to respect others and your honor will increase, relationships happier but honor means you have to take care of yourself, not only to honor you when you take care of someone, your heart will feel joy and feel your other person eternal happiness If a woman or a man cut me off.

Keep your life happy

This is your partner because you understand his feelings and needs, even more, expectations are not good, but the meaning of respect is that it is also good to think about the comfort and comfort of another person. The relationship is also an important source of happiness.

When a person feels alone in relationships, but if his friends think or think on his back, he feels very happy. Human relationships are at their peak sometimes and also succeed when they help each friend in difficult times for each partner.

Such happiness is not sold in a store. Man creates himself from his mind in social and domestic life. People say that if a friend hears that he has not done anything good about you if you do not ask this first, ask separately and ask questions if there is Error. Those who do not want to be happy can not even see others happy. If you are a friend, male, female, girl or child, you should be a friend who does not ignore her, take her happiness and happiness and feel comfortable.

Maintain balance in the relationship

Maintaining a balance in relationships is also an art, knowing couples with strong cats when talking about an issue and how long it is delayed, making brilliant colors in a happy life. Fighting children does not break the general welfare of the family because of the fighting. Love and empathy are expressed when you speak quietly at a difficult time, and to make happiness successful, it is necessary to feel the feelings of others.

If you see what you’re looking for

Why Pakistani Women become Fat

Why Pakistani Women become Fat

Most women go to television or say television plays an important role in entertainment, and the actors see the screen, and also want their heart to take advantage of that kind of fitness and how it looks. This is why local women or working women need advice on weight loss, good care, and skin care. That is why we first open the secrets of the famous chess fragments that have been seen for years now.

Talk about the first month of the month. A month, Nour works hard to maintain his magical beauty. Night cleans the face well before sleeping, using sun blocks is very important when leaving the sun. Drink more water for good skin, use healthy medicines and exercise for at least 30 minutes each day, plus daily yoga. During this period they did not use any western medicine and recipes.

Hollywood fan Rachel Planche has raised many hearts, according to her, she danced to keep fit. In addition, they play tennis with friends and yoga is also included in their favorite tricks, and fan fans in Kidney Kidney Red Cats are frozen whenever they feel confused. The “Exposed Army” actors use “Yat” for 15 minutes a day to fit themselves.

Jennifer Lopez is classified as one of the most successful havens in Hollywood. Although there were two children, their fitness and beauty were no difference. Sounds like a fit. His health secret is yoga.

Whether in any country on any day of yoga in your room, the Vine Stephen restaurant looks nice and tired despite the presence of two children. According to them, they do not support any difficult exercise for fitness. They do but also act.

Now imagine that when you graduate from famous activities over time, even if you do not ignore your child’s maturing practice, you need to spend time for yourself. Walking should be part of your daily participation. Getting a fitness center should not be difficult for you, and that is not a concern.

Today, there are many women looking for fitness maintenance, the number of women walking in gardens and gardens is increasing and increasing. Because the beautiful appearance looks to every woman’s dream, but maintaining fitness and fitness as well as beauty is equally important. As a gym or yoga center, you will also find some instructions, especially healthy and correct, about using a balanced diet and other things that may harm your health. If you intend to get fit, you will be offering some tips for maintaining fitness and care in the following line:

Some changes in lifestyle

According to one research, half the calories used throughout the day, if eaten at breakfast, will have a positive effect on your health and will remain moist and consumed throughout the day. That’s why specialist doctors focus on family breakfast and the elderly, but that does not mean you eat nutritious and fried eggs in your drink or breakfast. Instead of adding the fatty milk to the pot of the pot, if possible, cut the fresh fruit and mix.

The importance of sunlight

Research has found that spending a few minutes of morning sunshine is very useful. This process reduces the body’s D vitamins, which are essential for healthy bones and muscles. Today, a large number of urban dwellers live in narrow, dark houses and apartments, where sunlight and fresh air are not passed, and that is why the incidence of diseases is particularly high in women. So you must make it a balcony or balcony home where there was a refreshing session in the morning and can enjoy fresh and sunny. Also save yourself from the sun, so we can make sunshine and air at home so the home environment is healthy.

Do not forget to exercise

The weather is not very dense, and how busy you are at work, but it takes so long to reach a light weight. Stairs, climbing, standing after a short break while working in the office and taking a little walk in the room or corridor, are ways you can rest your hands and your joints. If you are a housewife, clean your house and keep it organized to keep you fit.

Use at least tablets

Use tablets to reduce them because you stress your device more than three times as fast as your desktops, and because of additional stress due to pain and other problems. These results may be obtained by conducting research on 33 students from Washington State University, who used to sit regularly at different locations and use tablets.

If the working woman that you need to meet home and abroad, not because of how busy to take his time, some women also take care of such a busy life that looks like and happy, let us know some of his secrets how decent and happy.

Food does not increase energy but slow the body, it is important to adopt a protein diet, vegetables and fruit to spend a whole day.

Water use:

If you feel self-tired, its quick solution is water. Sometimes the pressure of the brain is caused by the removal of water, so drink plenty of water.

Listen to yourself

Happy people listen to their bodies when they do not eat food when they eat food, they do not eat more when their body needs Rex, they take yoga classes, if they hear your body, they say a lot. The person who needs to listen, pay attention to fitness and health, and be careful shopping and shopping, but you also spend on your health and fitness. You will benefit from the end of the year.

Group Group

If you have a problem going alone, the best solution is to make a group of women take care of your fitness around them and practice it together. You do not need to go to the gym, with this group you can walk on the park or the empty road.

Why Dark Circle Appears Around your Eyes

Why Dark Circle Appears Around your Eyes

Have you ever learned to try  blacks Wrinkles Around your Eye Why do we then lack sleep is the main cause of tiredness and balanced use of diet, that stress, imbalances in hormones rings can be

* It is also useful to wash the face and eyes with cold water every three to five times.

* Make at least eight glasses a day to make water daily. This habit is not only useful to eliminate the dark circles around the eyes, but also the best combination of the skin, as well as the best tank to remove the leaves.

* Along with sleeping oil, lightly light almonds under the eyes and sleep.

Cut the round diamond cut and stay on the eye for at least 10 minutes daily. The baby’s eyes will be relaxed because of the baby’s death, and the juice will provide comfort for the eyes.

* Crush the potatoes well, then grind the potatoes with a clean cloth and remove juice juice with the help of hands. Keep the grill in the eyes and eyes for 15 to 20 minutes and make sure that the dark part of the rope is covered. Later cold water with dried dust.

* Twice a day at Rose Rose, and take care for 10 to 15 minutes.

* Eat every seven hours a day.

Use an appropriate amount of iron, vitamin A, C and E in your daily diet.

Vegetables That Contain High Amount of Calcium

Vegetables That Contain High Amount of Calcium

If the child knows the bones and physical growth for many so every mother has to have this baby because each becomes very large, at least drink a  cup daily, and often there is one of the mothers. “Do you have milk, it contains calcium that has strong bones, know some calcium.

What is Calcium?

The amount of calcium in the body is mostly in the teeth and bones. There is also a calcium in the blood that works very important to the body, and your bones act as a bank. The calcium you eat is stored in your bank. The bone bank provides plenty of calcium for blood because it usually needs to retain its surface. If you do not eat more calcium, the bone bank will be empty. The main thing is to eat calories that maintain blood level and strengthen bone stock.

What is calcium deficiency?

Lack of Kylsyym first affect the bones and teeth in the body, pain in bone kactkna “Mujuru bones, hands and feet are the symptoms of this deficiency in kylsyym kamrjana. Now, because of modern styles and calorie nutrients (chocolate cake ‘cold’ foods ‘cold zinc’), The amount of calcium available to supply the body with nutrients and nutrients in natural foods is rich, so see what elements we can add to our diet. .

The leafy vegetables are very helpful

Uphl vegetables are vital to our health treatment but kylsyym to remedy deficiency is the most beneficial for vegetable cod mslagubhy, mushrooms, herbs, cauliflower and so on. You can add these vegetables regularly to your diet plan to help them meet the DV decision.


Beans play an important role in the management of the human body. Protein is also found in vitamins with calcium in the “Peanut” grotto “Palm Palm French” etc. Therefore, give priority to the diet of the fatty diet of women.


Milk is the best tank to absorb calcium milk. Calcium was found in large quantities. There are a large number of calcium and vitamin D, which is very useful for bone strength. Old and young children with small dairy products can enjoy healthy and healthy treatments.


Diet is a diet that contains a large number of vitamin D with calcium. There is 30% calcium and 20% vitamins in a glass of milk, and young people meet one’s needs from one day of each of the nutrients.


Saman Fish is another perfect diet for your bones.


By adding almonds to your daily diet, you can get healthy healthy bones. Calcium can also get healthy alcohol from almonds, which is beneficial for your overall health.


Cheese is rich in calcium, but its moderate use can become a bone health guarantee. There is more than 30% calcium in cheese half an hour, which is enough to meet calcium in a day.

an egg

Although only 6 percent of vitamin D in the egg is a very easy source of vitamin supplements, the second egg is rich in vitamin D.


Juice of Malta

Calcium or fresh vitamins are not available in fresh juice, but simplifies ingredients. Many studies have shown that the degree of boric acid in the fatty juice increases the ability to absorb calcium in the body.

Calcium overload

While diet is the best way to calcium but still requires more calcium. Before starting any additional medication, consult your doctor, the Yamaha diet and tell the medicines you are taking.

For good results

Be careful not to take more calcium with other drugs because it will reduce the effect of other drugs.

What can be done more

Do not take more than one soda per day, instead of eating milk or taking milk mixed with milk. When all these things are used, they also help to strengthen bones rather than muscles. Any process of good weight loss or any exercise that contains loads on the feet and feet, is good, walking, walking, stairs, skiing. Do not forget to consult your doctor before starting any exercise.

Different Juices that reduce Your weight

Different Juices that reduce Your weight

Dieting is not a very easy step, which becomes more painful when you do not turn away from your pet food while passing the Codette plan, passing through the acre name and difficulty.

Since reducing physical weight is not an easy task, people often want facilitation to be easier than weight-bearing on one side to be able to have healthy components.

No matter how happy the man is, but if obesity reigns over him, his character becomes bolder. Obesity is a tragedy that causes a great number of epilepsy problems all over the world. It looks like many ways.

No one can attract weight, and for this reason, changes in your lifestyle can be made by magic, and this magic can show any juice of fruit or vegetables. Help to speed up.

The tendency to reduce diabetes or lose weight through juice is not new. For a few years, men, including women, focus on weight loss.

Let’s talk today and the different Joses of men or less likely to lose weight in their weight.

Chakinder Juice


carrot juice

Hunger stops until lunch, and fiber is prevented from preventing it from depression.

Juice called

Although the juice is not easy to the gallbladder, those who are keen to lose weight should drink juice certainly, nutrition is rich in juice juices and calories to 100 grams. It consists of 17 calories that can lead to weight loss, providing balanced food to the fiber body in the intestines, when its human body is available to the human body to obtain a large number of acids. Maintains your health

Option Q

There is a lot of fruit or vegetables in the West and in the East, even today, there is the difference, but weight reduction through the diet is both recognition in the West and the East. According to a Japanese research source, the vitamin is present in food. Drinking glasses, glasses, acids and alarms not only strengthen the human body but also help reduce obesity. It should be used to eat when food use also helps to get rid of the profession.

pomegranate juice

According to an investigation conducted by the Scotland Research Institute, drinking pomegranate daily fat breaks fat. According to experts, the natural ingredients found in pomegranate juice contribute to the melting of fat by eliminating the obesity cells. There are only 83 calories in 100 grams of pomegranate, which gets the energy to stay on standby throughout the day.

If you must drink pomegranate juice diet, because there are more fiber, which will feel hungry, your digestion will be faster. Better yet, there is no chronic fatty intake available, which provides an excellent diet for eating.

Watermelon juice

Gourmet juice

This, in turn, helps prevent the accumulation of body fat and body weight in just two months, the lower comes according to experts hy.tby, if used correctly, this juice, you can lose weight to 23 kg.

In a short stomach, the glare of glass, after breakfast, also causes weight loss breakfast.

pineapple juice

The pineapple drink, which is commonly called a study weight is very useful to reduce a study lyyannas shaking milk without food. This put the immediate bnalyjyy juice in the stomach bromelain enzyme in the stomach and digestion. If the oil is filled with a spoon of elasticity (flexible seeds), it will be a benefit of two.

Home Remedies To Protect Your Face From wrinkles

Home Remedies To Protect Your Face From wrinkles

The Clean face is the dream of every woman, if there is scarcity on his face for some reason, not only that the person leaves a bad impression on the viewer but also your personality

I understand humility. The signs that appear on the earth sink into a beard of good and good. There are women who suffer more and more in the sun. This skin disease is found mostly in women between 20 and 20 years.

Some home restrooms

a teaspoon of gourd, lemon juice, one teaspoon, honey, teaspoon, mix a teaspoon and mix well in a bowl. Now add the mud clay to a teaspoon and combine all the ingredients correctly with a spoon. Now publish this paste on your face, especially on the parts where the marks appear. Leave this dough for 20 minutes and wash the face with plain water. Twelve times a week will be completely eliminated.

Deschutes and Loose take, and take some weight for twenty-five minutes to take water. Then grind it so much that you like the lime, put the lens on the face at night and wash it in the morning.

Ban the bananas for 10 to 15 minutes then wash the face with hot water, repeat the process three to four times a week, and prevent noon nails and nausea.

Rose Rose is her best cure. Mix two spoon basins, one turmeric and green roses and make a smooth paste. Put on face and wash face with water after drying. Nothing can make your face softer than that. Otherwise, I eat, grind and grind the sandalwood, add it to the grilled and make a thick paste. By applying it as a face to face, in spots and stomach, it also ends with acne marks and injury marks.

Make a seasoned seasoning mixed with sweet milk and four honey meal and lime juice. Make this mask suitable for 20 minutes on your face, place the dye on the face after washing the face. Let it stay for ten minutes, remove the face with the colored eye.

Take Malta Grilled Grind. Now place it on the face by mixing the yogurt, lemonade, small pudding and sweet powder.

To remove the dark spots from the face, mix glycerine and nutrients in a cylindrical powder. The use of this adhesive stains the face and stains.

Cabbage is used to eliminate face marks and cutlery because cabbage contains vitamins that give tank tanks to skin. Boil the cabbage in a little water, then cool this water and save it in a bowl, use this tank to face the skin.

Make a mixture of olive and olive oil and mix the same amount of sugar and mix the dough in the face and neck for 15 to 20 minutes and then clean the face with semi-hot water. Using this paste once a week, stains, spots, and spirits will be completely eliminated and the face will become transparent.

Take the chicken in the roses after a meal after half an hour. The bricks will be cleared.

Cut the bananas into pieces and remove the discharge now. Apply this turmeric to the rocks and leave for 15 minutes. Then wash the mouth with cold water. Repeat this process three times a week, you can get rid of the flames.

Make a powder of powder and powder of paste and olive paste, the flames will be cleaned.

Mango extracts and feed the gambling and grind them in the water on the face.

Balance sheets and lemon juices make the difference, acne and black spots heal.

the night before sleeping white patches inside the banana, well scratched with a knife and keep them on the goat and wash in the morning ….