Vegetables That Contain High Amount of Calcium

Vegetables That Contain High Amount of Calcium

If the child knows the bones and physical growth for many so every mother has to have this baby because each becomes very large, at least drink a  cup daily, and often there is one of the mothers. “Do you have milk, it contains calcium that has strong bones, know some calcium.

What is Calcium?

The amount of calcium in the body is mostly in the teeth and bones. There is also a calcium in the blood that works very important to the body, and your bones act as a bank. The calcium you eat is stored in your bank. The bone bank provides plenty of calcium for blood because it usually needs to retain its surface. If you do not eat more calcium, the bone bank will be empty. The main thing is to eat calories that maintain blood level and strengthen bone stock.

What is calcium deficiency?

Lack of Kylsyym first affect the bones and teeth in the body, pain in bone kactkna “Mujuru bones, hands and feet are the symptoms of this deficiency in kylsyym kamrjana. Now, because of modern styles and calorie nutrients (chocolate cake ‘cold’ foods ‘cold zinc’), The amount of calcium available to supply the body with nutrients and nutrients in natural foods is rich, so see what elements we can add to our diet. .

The leafy vegetables are very helpful

Uphl vegetables are vital to our health treatment but kylsyym to remedy deficiency is the most beneficial for vegetable cod mslagubhy, mushrooms, herbs, cauliflower and so on. You can add these vegetables regularly to your diet plan to help them meet the DV decision.


Beans play an important role in the management of the human body. Protein is also found in vitamins with calcium in the “Peanut” grotto “Palm Palm French” etc. Therefore, give priority to the diet of the fatty diet of women.


Milk is the best tank to absorb calcium milk. Calcium was found in large quantities. There are a large number of calcium and vitamin D, which is very useful for bone strength. Old and young children with small dairy products can enjoy healthy and healthy treatments.


Diet is a diet that contains a large number of vitamin D with calcium. There is 30% calcium and 20% vitamins in a glass of milk, and young people meet one’s needs from one day of each of the nutrients.


Saman Fish is another perfect diet for your bones.


By adding almonds to your daily diet, you can get healthy healthy bones. Calcium can also get healthy alcohol from almonds, which is beneficial for your overall health.


Cheese is rich in calcium, but its moderate use can become a bone health guarantee. There is more than 30% calcium in cheese half an hour, which is enough to meet calcium in a day.

an egg

Although only 6 percent of vitamin D in the egg is a very easy source of vitamin supplements, the second egg is rich in vitamin D.


Juice of Malta

Calcium or fresh vitamins are not available in fresh juice, but simplifies ingredients. Many studies have shown that the degree of boric acid in the fatty juice increases the ability to absorb calcium in the body.

Calcium overload

While diet is the best way to calcium but still requires more calcium. Before starting any additional medication, consult your doctor, the Yamaha diet and tell the medicines you are taking.

For good results

Be careful not to take more calcium with other drugs because it will reduce the effect of other drugs.

What can be done more

Do not take more than one soda per day, instead of eating milk or taking milk mixed with milk. When all these things are used, they also help to strengthen bones rather than muscles. Any process of good weight loss or any exercise that contains loads on the feet and feet, is good, walking, walking, stairs, skiing. Do not forget to consult your doctor before starting any exercise.

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